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Daniel Perlstein "is a historian committed to scholarship that promotes the creation of more equitable and humane schools. His research focuses on the relationship of democratic aspirations to social inequalities in American schools and life. His book, Justice, Justice: School Politics and the Eclipse of Liberalism (Peter Lang, 2004) explores the place of race and class conflicts in the politics of urban education. Other recent publications include "Thinking and Teaching in a Democratic Way: Hilda Taba and the Ethos of Brown," in Journal of Curriculum and Supervision (Ellen Middaugh, co-author, 2005); and "Live the Truth: Politics and Pedagogy in the African-American Movement for Freedom and Liberation," in Education as Freedom: African American Educational Thought and Ideology: Critical Essays (2009). He has also written on such topics as gender and school violence and progressive pedagogy. His work can be found in such academic journals as History of Education Quarterly, Paedagogica Historica and Teachers College Record, as well as in such professional journals as Educational Leadership and such activist publications as Transforming Teacher Unions (1999) and Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching (2004)." [1]

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