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The Perchlorate Information Bureau (formerly the Council on Water Quality) is the "educational arm" of the Perchlorate Study Group. It is "supported by Lockheed Martin, Aerojet, Tronox and American Pacific Corporation," companies with a vested interest in the environmental and health standards applied to drinking water contaminated by the rocket fuel chemical perchlorate. [1]

Its website states the Perchlorate Information Bureau is "dedicated to improving the public dialogue on the facts about perchlorate in drinking and irrigation water, as well as food, and the potential impacts of perchlorate regulation on human health, water supply, water rates and taxpayers." It adds that the group's corporate funders "have worked cooperatively with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency." [2]


According to its website, the Perchlorate Information Bureau's funders are: [2]

The group's website also listed Kerr-McGee Chemical as a supporter, up until at least December 2005. [3] Tronox is a chemical company spun off from Kerr-McGee. [4]

Website registrations

The "Council on Water Quality" website domain name was registered, according to a Whois search, on August 1, 2003 by Deborah Aker, an "Internet Strategist" from the Washington D.C. office of the PR firm APCO Worldwide. Download a PDF copy of the domain name registration here.

The "Perchlorate Information Bureau" website domain name was registered, according to a Whois search, on June 9, 2008 by APCO. [5]

Contact details

Phone: 916-448-3152 (a Sacramento, California number)

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