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Thorne G Auchter, at one time Ronald Reagan's director of the OSHA and James J Tozzi ex Reaganite deputy administrator of Office of Management & Budget (OMB) and head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) were both forced out of their jobs by years of inaction in providing any useful services (other than to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party).

Along with their close friend George L Carlo they went on a think-tank-formation spree -- which provided a multitude of services to companies and industries with poisoning and polluting problems.

This group also ran Federal Focus, Multinational Business Services (MBS), Health Policy Institute (HPI), Institute for Regulatory Policy (IRP), Center for the Study of Environmental Endocrine Effects (CSEEE), Center for Epidemiological Studies (CES), and Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE)

James McRea who had been Tozzi's deputy at the OIRA also joined them at a later date. Also Ken Glozer who had handled the Tobacco Industry (agriculture support) program at the Office of Management and Budget at the Carter (and maybe later) White House (1977 - ??) came on board.[2]

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) was founded in 1996 by Jim Tozzi, James MacRea and Thorne Auchter. [3] [4] It may have been that CRE was the successor to the Institute for Regulatory Policy, but more likely they both continued to function -- since these were all phantom organisations, it just depended on which name they chose to use.

Jim Tozzi, James MacRea and Ken Glozer are listed as the three members of the 'CRE Advisory Board' [5]. In the past also Thomas D. Hopkins and Ron M. Linton were members of that board. [6]

In 2002 or 2003 a new section of CRE was created: 'ICANN focus'. In October 2003 the website '' was started. [7] That site only consists of 1 page which is a kind of doorway page because visitors to that home page will just see the content of '' in a frame. The whois information of that site mentions a 'Levinson' which is most likely 'Bruce Levinson'. [8] Bruce Levinson is the director of the 'Pharmaceutical Policy Project' at CRE. [9] He is also the director of CRE's 'Fuel Economy Project' [10] which uses the web site ''. The home page of that site uses a '302 Moved Temporarily' error to redirect visitors to ''.


On its website CRE states that it "has no members, but it receives, from time to time, financial support, services in kind, and work product from foundations, trade associations and private firms. Consequently, at any one time, CRE benefits from the input or advice of literally hundreds of small and large firms." [11]

It also states that support from companies and trade association is "usually in the form of a monthly contribution to support the Center's activities. Although CRE participants who contribute to the Center are given an opportunity to designate a particular issue to be addressed by the Center and to review CRE's work product prior to its dissemination, they do not control either the content or the papers that the Center ultimately files in a given regulatory proceeding." [12]

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