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"Historically, the company focused on South Asia where we created significant value for shareholders and stakeholders, particularly through the discovery, development and production of oil in Rajasthan, India. This was the largest onshore discovery in India for more than 25 years with the potential to provide more than 30% of India’s daily crude oil production and generate many billions of US dollars in revenue for the Government of India.

"In 2006 the Indian business, Cairn India Limited (CIL), was listed on the Indian stock exchanges and in 2012, the majority stake in CIL was sold and the cash returned to shareholders as part of our business model to create, add and realise value for shareholders. Between 2006 and 2012, we returned US$4.5 billion to shareholders.

"Having created a legacy asset for India, we then focused on rebuilding the business to create, add and realise value once again through exploration, development and production. We made the largest global offshore discovery of 2014 in Senegal, and participated in the development of two of the largest projects in the UK North Sea, Catcher and Kraken, which began production in 2017 and our interests were subsequently sold in November 2021." [1]


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