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Professor Stychin joined the University of Reading "School of Law as a professor in 1998, having taught at Keele University as a lecturer (1992-96) and senior lecturer (1996-1998). He was educated in Canada and the United States: University of Alberta (B.A., 1985), University of Toronto (LL.B., 1998), and Columbia University in the City of New York (LL.M., 1992). He is a former Head of the School of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, all at the University of Reading. His primary area of research is the field of gender, sexuality and law. He is on the editorial board of Social & Legal Studies: An International Journal." [1]

Recent Publications

  • "Faith in Rights: The Struggle Over Same-Sex Adoption in the United Kingdom", (2008) 17 Constitutional Forum Constitutionelle 117-125
  • Sexuality and the Law: Feminist Engagements (co-edited with Vanessa Munro), 2007, Abingdon: Routledge-Cavendish, 317 pp.
  • "De-Meaning of Contract", in Vanessa Munro and Carl Stychin, eds., Sexuality and the Law: Feminist Engagements, 2007, Abingdon: Routledge-Cavendish, pp 73-89
  • “Body Talk: Rethinking Autonomy, Commodification and the Embodied Legal Self,” in Sally Sheldon and Michael Thomson (eds), Feminist Perspectives on Health Care Law (Cavendish Pub., 1998)

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