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Brownie Williams Ledbetter "a long time political organizer and activist in human rights since the 1957 racial crisis in Little Rock,worked in Civil Rights, Women's, Consumer and Environmental Movements. She was staff or consultant in many political campaigns throughout the sixties and seventies.

"Organizer of the first Planned Parenthood Affiliate in Arkansas in 1984, she currently serves on the Board of the Women's Foundation of Arkansas.

"Working with Congresswoman Bella Abzug, Ledbetter organized Women USA, a feminist organization that eventually founded WE DO (Women's Environment and Development Organization) in which she held various offices until her resignation in 2001.

"She served on the Panel of American Women, Womens Emergency Committee, Arkansas Public Policy Panel, Governor Clinton's Tax Reform Commission in Arkansas; Southern Regional Council, Coalition for Educational Equity in the southern region, and nationally; President Carters Commission on Women, National Congress of Neighborhood Women, National Women's Political Caucus. Internationally, in NGOs: Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood, WEDO and US Women Connect." [1]

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