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The following are articles and commentary related to the main article Bill Frist.





  • Christopher Hayes, "Sins of the Fathers," In These Times, February 13, 2004: "Several weeks ago a curious title popped up on Good People Beget Good People: A Genealogy of the Frist Family. The Frists are aristocratic Southerners whose favorite son, Dr. Bill, is a senator from Tennessee and the Republican Majority Leader. While the book's title has provided fodder for left-wing satire, it speaks volumes about our times that the senator would attach his name to such a naked assertion of inherited virtue."
  • Alexander Bolton, "Roberts contradicts Frist on Clarke," The Hill, April 14, 2004.
  • Text: Remarks by Sen. Frist to the Republican National Convention, FDCH E-Media, Inc., posted by Washington Post, August 31, 2004.




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