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From its website:

The ultimate objective of the ACD is to promote standards of national and international integrity. The ACD will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of national and international corruption practices for the development of an annual Integrity Index. This Index will provide a comparative measure on a country - by - country basis of corruption and anti-corruption measures and the effectiveness of their implementation. The Integrity Index will be a unique resource for governments, multinational corporations, and others interested in making policies concerning the rule of law and the implementation and monitoring of those policies and ethical business practices. Thus, The Center will issue policy proposals for national and international legislation/sanctions, focusing on countries identified as poor performers.[1]

Personnel, Board, Experts




  • Charles K. Sciarini, former Special Agent, FBI
  • Sherman Funk, former Inspector-General of the State and Commerce Departments
  • John Featherly, formerly DEA Attache in England
  • Roy Clark, Deputy Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, London
  • John W. Shockey, Former Special Assistant, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, US Treasury Dep.,
  • Robert Mazur, former Special Agent, DEA and US Customs
  • Jim Della-Giacoma, consultant on South East Asia, formerly with the World Bank and the UN
  • Chris Cook, Chief Executive, Off-Exchange Trade Clearing, London.

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