Ali Khamenei/Supreme Leader Slams Western Liberal Democracy

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Posted at on 13/10/2008. The link might expire. This news items expresses one of the centerpieces of Ali Khamenei's ideology. Note that Khamenei is a strong supporter of Islamic democracy.

Supreme Leader Slams Western Liberal Democracy

Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution met today with a group of Friday prayer leaders from across the country. He referred to the Iranian nation's adherence to the principles and goals of the Islamic Revolution and said that preserving and strengthening the spirit of resistance is the secret behind the stability of the Islamic Revolution. "While Marxism has already failed and while we are witness to the decline of Western liberal democracy, the Islamic movement is gaining more and more ground on a daily basis. As the driving force of this great school of thought [the Islamic movement], the Islamic Revolution must further strengthen its progress and resistance," he noted.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution touched upon the fact that the Iranian nation has pledged allegiance to the Revolution, Imam Khomeini (r.a.), and Islam, and added: "The Iranian nation has kept its promise, and this has led to the realization of divine promises and the establishment of a religious government in our country." His Eminence also said that the 10-year leadership of Imam Khomeini (r.a.) and his strong faith and iron will have been the main contributing factor to the resistance on the part of the nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that the victory of the Islamic Revolution at a time when Marxism and liberal democracy were most prevalent was beyond material calculations. "In spite of the fact that it has been subject to different conspiracies and hardships, the Islamic movement - which was an offshoot of the Islamic Revolution - is growing stronger and stronger on a daily basis due to divine assistance as well as our resistance. Today Marxism is no longer a popular school of thought. Similarly, despite all its impressive political, economic, and military power, liberal democracy has already been defeated before the eyes of all people throughout the world."

Elsewhere in his speech, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution also said: "The Islamic Revolution had to face two great ideological rivals, namely Marxism and Western liberal democracy. These two schools of thought used to plan international affairs on the basis of their own ideas."

His Eminence touched upon the disgraceful decline of Marxism and said that Marxism had set some slogans for itself and that these slogans gradually lost their credence. "Finally, the structure of Marxism was destroyed like a spider's web." He also added: "After the failure of Marxism, Western liberal democracy was tempted to monopolize the entire world in order to promote its policies in the absence of any rivals. They came to believe that they had a monopoly on the whole world."

Ayatollah Khamenei briefly discussed the current status of Western liberal democracy, further reiterating: "The political claims and the false slogans regarding human rights and democracy on the part of this school of thought were publicly falsified in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. These claims were proven false after their incursion into Iraq and Afghanistan."

His Eminence said that the current problems of the West are indicative of the unreasonable economic claims of Western liberal democracy. He said that even the Western analysts acknowledge that the economic policies of liberal democracy are inefficient. "Today capitalism has lost its ill-gained popularity in the West. And they themselves admit that the absolute domination of the US over the world is coming to an end."

Ayatollah Khamenei said that these issues are worthy of deep reflection and reiterated: "In the current situation, we must make efforts to further strengthen the factors that led to the emergence and continuation of the Islamic Revolution - namely, religious faith, optimism about the future, and motivation to exert efforts."

Addressing the audience, His Eminence said that promoting optimism about the future among the people, especially the youth, is one of the most essential cultural needs of the country. He added: "Friday prayer leaders can play a major role in this regard." He stressed that there are some people who are doing their best to disappoint the public and divert their attention from the main goals.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the promotion of Islamic morality in society as one of the most important duties of Friday prayer leaders. He added that austere lifestyles, conscientiousness, selflessness, cooperation, individual and social discipline, and respect for the law are some manifestations of the rich Islamic culture and must be promoted among the people.

The Supreme Leader advised Friday prayer leaders to form a close relationship with the public, especially the underprivileged people and the families of the devotees of the Islamic Revolution.

At the end of this meeting, the audience said their sunset and evening prayers led by Ayatollah Khamenei.

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