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Focus on the Family (FOTF) is a right-wing public pressure organization created by Dr. James Dobson in 1977. It claims to be dedicated to creating and sustaining strong families based on what they call "traditional" values. The organization is currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is led by President and CEO Jim Daly, who began his career with FOTF in 1989 and was chosen to become President by James Dobson in 2005. FOTF focuses its public advocacy activities on a daily radio broadcast by Jim Daly, as well as writing free resources pushing right-wing religious views on social issues, including publishing magazines, videos, and audio recordings. However, the group also exerts significant behind the scenes political pressure to impact social issues through an extensive network of allies and affiliates.

News and Controversies

Dobson's wife heads the National Day of Prayer campaign.

Former Focus on the Family Senior VP Gil Alexander-Moegerle wrote a book entitled James Dobson's War on America in which he reveals the dark side of this organization.

Focus on the Family publishes Citizen Magazine.