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Dick Flacks

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Dick Flacks "teaches sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is the author of Making History: The American Left and the American Mind (Columbia)." [1]

He was a member of the founding generation of SDS.

He blogs at

Key Publications

  • “Knowledge for What: Notes on the State of Social Movement Studies” (2001)
  • Cultural Politics and Social Movements (coeditor with Marcy Darnovsky and Barbara Epstein, 1995)
  • Beyond the Barricades: The 60's Generation Grows Up (1989)
  • Making History: The American Left and the American Mind (1988).

Other articles

  • “Making History and Making Theory: Notes on How Intellectuals Seek Relevance” in Intellectuals and Politics: Social Theory in a Changing World. Sage: Newbury Park, 1991, pp. 3-18.

Resources and articles

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