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Charles Scalera

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Charles Scalera, Esq. is General Counsel and Member of the Board of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

"Charles Scalera, Esq. is a partner of The Potomac Advocates, a Washington, D.C. consulting firm. He focuses his practice on legislative and administrative law. He represents both foreign and domestic clients, including the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma. Mr. Scalera served as Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Honorable Peter W. Rodino, Jr., Chairman, House Judiciary Committee. With extensive experience in local, state, and national elections, Mr. Scalera served as Senior Political Advisor to the Presidential Campaign of Senator Joseph R. Biden, and has served on several other Presidential Campaigns. He was appointed by Democratic National Committee Chairman Ronald H. Brown to serve on the Committee's National Lawyer's Executive Council. He serves on the Board of Directors of several for profit and not-for-profit organizations. He is co-founder of the Italian American Leadership Council for William Jefferson Clinton/Albert Gore, Jr. 1992 and 1996 and serves on the Board of Directors of the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council. Mr. Scalera is a member of several Federal courts, and of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar."[1]

According to the Potomac Advocates web site, Charles Scalera is "a partner and cofounder of The Potomac Advocates. He focuses his practice on legislative and administrative law, counseling corporations, trade associations and governmental bodies in the fields of antitrust, banking, communications, energy, environment, health care, federal tax, defense, and international trade. He represents both foreign and domestic clients within the executive and legislative branches.

"Mr. Scalera is a seasoned political professional with three decades of experience working with congress and the executive branch. During two decades, he served as Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Honorable Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (D-NJ), Chairman, House Judiciary Committee. As the former president of the oldest Democratic staff organization, he has had, and continues to have, a long-standing association with Members and Staff of the House and the Senate.

"Mr. Scalera was named one of the "Outstanding staff leaders in Congress," and has been among the Congress' 600 most influential "Non-elected" people according to the almanac of the unelected, a scorecard of Capitol Hill movers and shakers....

"Prior to his congressional experience, he specialized in tax law with the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C., and as a tax editor with Prentice-Hall, a major tax publishing company. He has had direct commercial law experience in the areas of energy and transportation as a general counsel to business operations in both of these areas.

"Mr. Scalera was a weekly radio commentator for KABC TALKRADIO AM 790 as the Washington Insider to THE FOOD SHOW™. The Washington Insider discusses legislation or actions taken by the Government that may affect our food supply."