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Cam Pha Port, which is occasionally referred to as the Cam Pha Coal Port, is the main coal export port in Vietnam. It is located in Cam Pha town, Quang Hinh.

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The port is owned and operated by CamphaPort and Logistics Company, a subsidiary of Vinacomin, the government owned company which mines coal and other minerals.[1]


Cam Pha Port is in Quang Ninh, the number one center of Vietnam in terms of coal reserves. Vietnamese mining company Vinacomin plans to store and transport nearly 30 million tons of coal at the Cam Pha Port in 2015 (4 million tons over 2014), with 22 million tons for the domestic market and 1 million tons for export.[2]

Vietnam's coal exports has reduced from 24.8 million tonnes in 2007 to 14 million tonnes in 2013. By 2015, the export plan of Vinacomin is reduced to 9 million tonnes. The high quality coal is exported to the EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and India, while medium-quality dust coal is mainly exported to China.[3]

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